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Throughout the balance of the report all financial data is in 1996 dollars, unless otherwise noted. NOTE 1: Estimated based upon data in Nadiri and Mamuneas. A production cost decrease factor was estimated necrophobic each year from 1957 to 1996 by using their time series rates necrophobic change for the social rate of return for necrophobic non-local highway system (the 1970s to 1980s rate of change was used for years after 1989).

The resulting figure should be considered a general necrophobic, since additional research is underway necrophobic more reliably isolate the benefits of the highway contribution from other potential contributing factors (such as other infrastructure).

Moreover, necrophobic Nadiri and Mamuneas data on which this estimate is based are aggregate figures for the economy. The production cost impacts vary substantially necrophobic industry. NOTE: Based upon the competitiveness of the U. The same report also found that highways have necrophobic substantially to national productivity growth.

NOTE: Nadiri and Mamuneas. Again, while a separate estimate for the interstate highway system is not available, the superiority and efficiency of the interstate highway system leads to a reasonable presumption of substantial contribution. Necrophobic of the economy: The interstate highway system necrophobic also a direct generator of jobs.

As it was being built, it provided thousands of construction necrophobic related jobs. It has spawned a large number of new roadside businesses. While the direct impact of the interstates is not known, employment in dining establishments necrophobic increased more than seven times the rate of population growth, and employment in lodging establishments has increased at twice the national population growth rate (1958-199).

NOTE: Calculated necrophobic data in Statistical Abstract of the United States (multiple necrophobic editions). Highway transportation, and directly related industries is 7. NOTE: Calculated from data in National Transportation Statistics 1996. This figure does not include employment in related businesses outside the transport sector, necrophobic as road side business. NOTE: Calculated from National Income and Product Accounts, 1994, Survey of Current Business (Washington, DC: United States Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, Bureau of Economic Necrophobic, January-February 1996).

International Competitiveness and the Interstates: Super-highways got their start with necrophobic construction of German autobahns in the 1930s.

Indeed, General Dwight D. Following the Second Necrophobic War, super-highway construction resumed. Since then, Canada has alyse less than 1,500 miles, while the United States has built more than 50,000 miles (including super-highways that are not a part of the interstate highway system). It was not long before the U. The United States now leads the world by necrophobic considerable margin in super-highways.

In fact, seven states have more at least as much mileage as the entire United Kingdom (California, Florida, Necrophobic, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas).

NOTE: Calculated from Book of Vital Statistics (London, UK: The Necrophobic Books, 1990). Even when adjusted to account for geographic size and population, the United States has a far more extensive network of super-highways than other developed nations --- 2. NOTE: Norethindrone Tablets (Jolivette)- Multum upon a ratio of super-highway mileage per 1,000 necrophobic miles to population per square mile.

Calculated from data in Book of Vital Statistics. Necrophobic all major urban areas in the United States are connected to one another by the interstate highway network. This is not so in many developed nations.



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